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Minuman Tradisional Khas Jawa Yang Masih Populer

Minuman Tradisional Khas Jawa Yang Masih Populer - In my village, early in the morning the fishermen had gone down at sea, some were carrying a large net, there were only carrying fishing rods. My father, also a fisherman, every morning he goes down at sea, since that day, my mother would never come. His fear of seeing whales red makes bad memories in his memory.

That evening twilight so bright, my father and mother who had gone down to sea from dawn finally go home too. Catch quite a lot, but usually the mother's face was cheerful. Catch of fish that many could not wake the smile on my mother's face again, that afternoon. Quickly dad told me to fetch a blanket to wrap her body shivering. Her face was pale, his lips turned blue and her eyes full of fear.

People never believe that whales red there, even after she saw it. People even consider her crazy and absurd. At first I thought she was crazy, because given the red whale that has long been a myth for decades and never proved the existence. However, very believed if a whale and saw no sign of a natural disaster will soon nestle but tips bikin wedang jahe untuk pemanas tubuh hopefully it will not.

Yes, my father decided to sail alone and remain mengizikanku participate. That day I saw father departed with a fishing net in his right shoulder, left hand holding the hand of the provision of rice and salted fish digorengnya himself this morning. Yes, since the day my mother saw red whale that my mother was ill and are rarely out of bed let alone out of the door of the house.

Lunch was so hot, some of the fish being dried in the sun since two days ago had started to dry. My family lives with income from selling salted fish and some other fish species. When the fish is dry I took it to the market to sell. Yes, I started doing this want to make your own es krim at home? job since my mother was ill because he saw the red whale.

Ah, damn red whale, making me drop out of school, making family income plummeted, made him irritable. I want to see, pulling arrows stuck in his back and gagged him until he was able to scream again and make people fear and sorrow are in the rest of his life after hearing her screams.

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