Selasa, 06 Desember 2016

Lebih Enak Mana Soto Ayam vs Nasi Goreng di Indonesia

Lebih Enak Mana Soto Ayam vs Nasi Goreng di Indonesia - We were silent for a moment think of something. I would save on Ale suspicion, because after so long we are friends Ale never behave like this. it's really strange. Gue, Beno and Ale is already quite long friendship. Though our lives are different. Gue and Ale study in the same place but different faculties while Beno is true that unemployment never clear his life. But he is a friend of the most understanding between us three. While Ale was the son of a family of well-off so he often nraktir if longer hang out. While I. Ordinary life I wrote and I was the most beautiful girl among the three of us because weve my own girls.

Ale, Beno and I create their own groups, namely the group the nugget ayam spicy favorite everyone yang erupakan abbreviation of the name before us. Initially I refused this proposal because this kayak Beno product names advertising on television, but eventually after Beno ngejelasin my philosophy and Ale finally agreed and formalized that name so our gang. Incidentally we have had the same hobby is like watching the ball. Well that's why every week we sempetin create malem watch together and usually the location we have chosen is the boarding-kosannya Ale. Because of its strategic location and comfortable place and certainly not complicated. So when Ale says I can not come together for nyari Beno so confused right location for watching together.

But that's not what makes me dizzy, but because of the attitude Ale's already five times refused to make nobar along with us. Always just no reason for refusing our invitation nobar. Initially it's the same I Beno not suspicious but because this is already the fifth time he refused to make nobar together, I was suspicious at beno together. Oh yes, the three of us is indeed still singles all so among us can freely create go together. Sometimes I wonder with two friends I have, why they're still single. But physically they are above standard and materially also passable but read information here somehow they are still single. Want the heck I nanya to them but I'm afraid that question could offend them.

But Beno still wrote force. Finally I said Beno nurutin to change my clothes with clothes chosen for Beno namely black T-shirt with a jacket that item as well. Of course the clothes of the minjemin Beno shirt to me. We drove straight to the house Ale. Beno same I agreed to wait under the rambutan tree that is located not too far from home Ale. While waiting I occasionally look toward the house Ale seen the light. after fifteen minutes of waiting, I finally heard the roar of the motor Ale. Beno same I was soon ready and immediately ride motorcycles to follow where the ale go.

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