Selasa, 06 Desember 2016

Kuliner Donat Kentang Pada Saat Ingin Lebaran

Kuliner Donat Kentang Pada Saat Ingin Lebaran - On the next day I was forced to go down to sea and this time Mr. permit. Sure enough after a few hours we stopped Mr. rowing his boat in the middle of the ocean. We are surrounded in a sea of ​​waves continued to flicker and made my head dizzy. I got seasick. As the son of a fisherman, weird is not it?

When I feel all of the content that is in my stomach already exhausted, I began to limp. I started to lay my body in the bag boat my father and my father was apparently already getting some fish that go into his net as I vomited earlier. The sun began to highlight to me is still weak, half a day already I'm lying on my father's boat. I saw my father still seems to still throw the cooking brownies kukus quickly net and there is no intention to return. Already, you just continue your sleep. I already told you. Do not follow! Do not follow! Still insisted. I told you red whale was not there. That's superstition.
I continued my sleep on the boat.

Evening twilight is starting to look, yellowish clouds looks so beautiful, the ocean basin illuminated by the afternoon sun. Very beautiful. Kemerlip pearly ocean wave that is being dried. Dazzle. From a distance with his eyes slightly open I saw seemed red whale started jumping up. Yes, the whale was still red with an arrow stuck in his back, right, it's red. Blood red. Ah, it seems like I'm dreaming.

That morning the sun shone brightly and the school is already crowded. Arrive at the classroom door turns in the class has many students who came. But I feel strange because my seat on the table there is a rose and heart-shaped chocolate decorated with pink ribbon complete with a piece of paper that reads "From the One Who Loves You". I do not know who sent kue cubit information here the flowers and chocolates. I was intrigued by the mystery flower delivery and began asking friends, but they also do not know as flowers and chocolates are already in class when they come. Then came Romi in the classroom he was my friend.

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